You’ll Boost Engagement and Growth with Your Audience if You Harness these 10 Emotional Triggers

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Building connections is the secret to growth on social media, whether as a content creator or a brand aiming to reach existing or potential customers, clients and partners.

If you are able to connect with your audience on an emotional level, you are 75% there.

Since launching my blogs over two decades ago, I have strived to incorporate emotion in each and every piece of content I post on social media.

There are specific emotional triggers that work exceptionally to build those connections so you should try to make sure each message or piece of content you produce elicit one of these:

  1. Joy/Happiness: Create content that evokes positive emotions, such as humor, laughter, or moments of happiness. People enjoy content that makes them feel good.
  2. Inspiration/Motivation: Share stories or experiences that inspire and motivate your audience. Encourage them to pursue their goals, overcome challenges, or make positive changes in their lives.
  3. Empathy/Compassion: Develop content that shows understanding and empathy towards the audience’s struggles or challenges. Let them know they’re not alone and that you genuinely care about their well-being.



Jeneba "Jay Jay " Ghatt |Creator Economy Educator

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