The Unspoken Benefits of Showing Up Consistently

You always hear the advice: be consistent and show up!

You know it is the key to growth as a content creator however, there are other benefits:

1) When you are consistent, you come across as a reliable source of content and therefore, audiences reward your consistency by following you or subscribing to your account or channel.

Likewise, social media platforms reward consistent creators by placing them higher in the feeds of users/followers, recommending those accounts more to new potential followers and with early access to new features;

2) You become a better creator & learn what content resonates more with your audience;

3) Showing up with value regularly helps you establish your authority & credibility in your niche;

4) By creating content regularly, you develop discipline in other areas of your business building and finally;

5) Being consistent helps you focus and realize what type of content you prefer doing and what you really don’t like.

You would only know that if you create lots and regularly so you have a basis to launch from!

Hope this is helpful!

Jay Jay Ghatt

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