The Kid Ghosts Who Live in My Home

I know this might sound crazy but I legit have ghosts living in my home and I suspect they are the spirits of little children.

Now you may be giving me the side eye on this because you’re one of those people who really don’t believe in things like ghosts and spirits and I used to be too.

Even though I am a person of Faith and my religion, Catholicism, acknoweldges the presence of Angels and other non-earthly beings, I didn’t necessarily believe that the disembodied souls of people who had passed away actually inhabited our physical spaces neither walked amongst us.

Well, actually, I have had experiences with paranormal and very bizarre incidents in my life, but I didn’t become a true believer until I almost had to spank a couple of mischievous ghost kids.

Here’s the story.

Over the years, paranormal activity has occurred in my home and I believe spirits have made their presence known off and on like when small and large objects mysteriously appear in doorways that I or my husband had walked through freely moments before. We’d turn around and there’d be a big tub of laundry detergent, a foot stool or a bowl blocking the path.

They’re not always silly but sometimes helpful.

There was the time I was struggling to remove a tight fitting ring off my index finger and when I succeeded, I helplessly watched it fly across the room, roll along the floor and slip through the baseboard, assumingly plumming into the abyss of the basement.

The very same ring mysteriously reappeared on my pillow the next morning. Eeek! um thanks, I guess.

And then there was the time my husband couldn’t find a particular shirt in his closet as we rushed out the house one day. We returned home hours later to find the shirt eerily hanging in the middle of his closet with all other clothes pushed aside. Spooky!

Over the course of the 20+ years we’ve lived in our house, my family witnessed a ream of printer paper kicked down the stairs, door locks and cabinet doors open randomly on their own, a la “Sixth Sense” movie style, objects on tables, cabinets and counters toppled to their sides, shoes repositioned into the shape fo 69, a mattress pump tucked away in the closet…

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