The 2023 List of 200 Black Women in Tech to Follow on X(Twitter) is Here!

In 2016, as a direct reaction to the erasure and almost complete ABSENCE of Black Women in Tech excluded from tech VC funding, Listings/Roundup of Techies to follow on Twitter and on tech panels (and even diversity in tech panels), I created a list as a resource for those who say

1) they didn’t know Black women were in tech; or

2) there is a pipeline issue and they are simply not working in tech.

It took me 3 days to round up 155, and eventually 165 revealing that if there is an interest, there can be a way and the excuses were that… just excuses.

In recent years, I’ve capped the list at 200 and is now a much anticipated round up that is actually a RESOURCE.

Women who make the list are getting opportunities, contacted to be on panels and tapped for jobs and more!

If there is a void, we are who we are waiting for. Fill it.

The 2023 list was recently published on my media partner Hackernoon’s website ( and on the official website where you can access all the years. (

Shout out to sustaining partner/sponsor Dynamic Service Solutions, co-owned by my friend Nicole Commissiong (with her huband and son)

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