Don’t Expect Everyone to Take the Journey With You

Photo by RODNAE Productions

Now that we are starting a new year, I have to tell you something very critical for your success and growth in 2023 as a creator, solopreneur or newbie venture founder.

Stop expecting so much from other people.

You cannot be disappointed when you lower your expectations.

The fact of the matter is that you will be most surrounded by friends, family and supporters at your launch event and at your 5, 10 or 25 year party celebrating your success in business.

Folks won’t be their on the journey to those milestones and stop waiting for them to be.

They won’t cheer you on your loss and wins, the ebbs and flow of your small business meandering path. Be okay with that.

And the thing is: you really shouldn’t waste your energy getting mad at those times that you find yourself the lone soul in your office for week’s on end, or working late into the night writing pitches and proposals, making back-to-back sales and solitication calls or polishing off the code or deck.

Everyone in life is busy with what they got going on in their own personal universes. A lot of times, you’re not included in that.

Again. Be okay with that.

Keep your head down, fixate your gaze on the prize, shake it off and keep going.

That’s your task for the year.

Just keep going.



Jeneba "Jay Jay " Ghatt |Creator Economy Educator

Longtime Content Creator | Culture Critic & Politico | YouTube & Pinterest Marketing | Ex Journo & Columnist | | Writer