Creators: How Much Are You Worth Online? Let’s EVALUATE!

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A lot of digital creators including bloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, social media influencers and creators are unaware of the value of the hard work they put into creating content for their audience.

I once was in this class of creative professionals, unaware of the tremendous labor costs associated with our craft — creating content.

You would see this valuation ignorance manifest itself in the form of lopsided “Collaboration” deals some of us accept. It can be the equivalent of pennies in value in exchange for an Instagram post or a YouTube product review.

I now know better and it breaks my heart when I see members of the influencer community being taken advantage of by brands that know very well the speculative cost of advertising and would prefer to save themselve the 100x costs and to exploi new and naive creators instead.

I’ve been creating content for over two decades now, first as a high school and college journalist, then as a blogger, newspaper columnist, a radio show co-host and finally a YouTuber and Clubhouse Host and moderator.

About 7 years ago, I created a formula for valuating blogs that I think would work for most creators online today, so I’m sharing it here for any of you who are about to accept a $35 beauty product from someone who contacted you to “collaborate.”

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When trying to place a price tag on your work as a creator, factor in qualitative factors and quantitative and then add a multiplier for good measure

The only true and definite quantitative numbers are your expenses and revenue. However, many of us who make a living online have very nominal nominal expenses.

It is a very hard to get an accurate valuation of your blog or channel or social media account and the current online automated ones are inaccurate. The free valuation tools commonly available online focus generally and measure things like subscribers, followers, page views, unique views, impressions, minutes on the page, and the like.

Jeneba "Jay Jay " Ghatt |Creator Economy Educator

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