Breaking Free: Why Your Business Shouldn’t Entrust Its Fate to Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have become essential for any business especially for outreach to broader audiences, brand building and for connecting with existing and potential customers.

However, the allure and draw of how easy it is to use social media to help you build your business, you should never rely soley on social media to host your business.

This is true whether you are a creator, influencer, Etsy seller, vendor or any type of sidehustlepreneur.

One, they could deactivate your account at a blink of an eye or; and

Two, they technically own all your followers if the only way you can reach them is thru the platform.

Instead of relying solely on social media to host your business, make sure you also have an independent website!

When you own your own website, you can capture the emails of your fans, followers and potential clients when they come to visit and keep track of their visits so you can lure them into your business’s universe and ideally become a future client or visitor.

Here are other reasons why you should nevere rely on social media plaforms to host your business.

1. Lack of Control:

One of the most significant downsides of relying solely on social media platforms is the lack of control over your content and business.

These platforms can change their algorithms, terms of service, or even shut down accounts without warning, leaving your business vulnerable to sudden disruptions.

Imagine years of brand-building efforts and valuable content vanishing overnight due to a platform’s policy change or a mistaken suspension.

2. Limited Customization and Branding:

Social media platforms offer limited customization options, making it challenging to create a unique and distinct brand identity.

Your business profile on these platforms must conform to their templates and restrictions…

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