All the Tools You Need to Start Blogging As a Business

I’ve been blogging for over a decade and have reached millions of readers, earned a substantial living doing it full time and over time, discovered the best tools and platforms out there for being a successful full time blogger.

Here is a list of the services and tools that I use to give me a ubiquitous presence online and in social media, and drive engagement, traffic, sales, conversions and brand elevation:


1. WordPress

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a self-hosted WordPress account. All of the top bloggers and professional news websites operate on that platform. US Weekly, Business Insider, Politico and The Huffington Post are among the popular mainstream websites that have operated on this platform. If you are blogging as a hobby, the free platforms like Wix, Blogger or or the low cost ones like Squarspace, may suffice. However, if you plan to monetize (make money) from your blogging, you have to host it yourself.

If you are nervous about creating a self-hosted site, I HIGHLY recommend you hire someone on Fiverr to set it up for you. There are ample tutorials online to show you how to go from there once set up. You can also use my tutorial for setting up a Dreamhost wordpress blog here!

2. GoDaddy

Even though I find Dreamhost the best platform for beginners on a budget (you can pay like $5 per month on some plans) I think that you get better customer service going with GoDaddy because there is someone 24/7 available to help you in case your blog disappears off the Internet or shuts down for any reason.

I go into detail on why I prefer Go Daddy on this blog post!

3. ViralTag

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