7 Productivity Habits You should Adopt

We all struggle with being productive each day, but if we could, many of us would do things differently if it meant we got a lot more things done.

There are certain people that manage to stay on track and are always moving toward progress. They have laser sharp focus and don’t get frustrated by the minutiae and meaningless happenings around them.

Here are 7 Habits that I and others I’ve noticed are superb at productivity do that maybe you should consider adopting.

1. Make Lists:

List-making helps guide your day and reminds you of tasks you have to complete. Lists also are great for keeping yourself on track of deadlines and appointments. Have different types of lists: a short term list of everyday things you need to do; a separate list of things you need to do each week that you turn to periodically during the week; and an action items lists of things you have to accomplish that are part of a larger project.

I am a compulsive list-maker and I get joy in crossing off items off my list.

By creating a list, I get to dump out all the things I have to do onto a platform that isn’t in my…



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