6 Ways to Get People to Buy From You

If you’re struggling to get sales and to monetize your online presence, you’re going to want to tap into these shortcut emotions that people rely on when making decisions — such as whether to download your podcast, subscribe to your channel, sign up for your email list, purchase your course or ebook or guide.

If people like you — because they sense that you like them, or because of things you have in common — they’re more apt to say yes to you.

Don’t sell too soon.

Add value, service, build relationships, show you understand struggles and pain points before trying to influence to make a purchase.

2. Reciprocity

People tend to return favors. Think, asking for an email in exchange for a freebie, a purchase of a tripwire/low ticket item after a value packed webinar, a gift card offer/contest in exchange for filling out a survey.

3. Social proof
Humans are social by nature and generally feel that it’s important to conform to the norms of a social group. This means that when it comes to decision making, we often look around us to see what others are doing, before making our mind up.

4. Commitment and consistency

In practice, if you can convince someone to watch a snippet, take a sample etc, you may be able to get them to later watch the whole thing or purchase it all to get the full experience after committing to a taste.

5. Authority

People defer to experts and to those in positions of authority. Build your authority. Offer value. Don’t hold back.

6. Scarcity

The less of something there is, the more people tend to want it. This holds true for experiences as well as for material products.

Hope that is helpful to you!

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