11 Beyonce Quotes to Inspire Business Owners and Founders of All Genders, Races

Yesterday was #BeyDay 2022!

Like a lot of members of the Beyhiv (and Beyhive lite members who are not as invested, like myself), we sent Birthday greetings.

Bey is a Virgo like me. She is also a talented and very super businesswoman, singer, songwriter, phenom, who knows how to reinvent herself at every turn and stay on top but is also vastly underestimated by critics and those who do not value her business accumen and strategic mind.

I love that her last album was titled Renaissance because it is THE perfect title to describe this moment of rebirth for her, now as a mom to three, wife, actress, producer, traveler, designer, philantropist, activist and world citizen!

She’s among the greatest of entertainers worldwide in the history of performers. Periodt! No denying it!

Here are 11 powerful quotes (including the two above) that can benefit women, people in business or anyone who feel they may be limited by others in their passion and pursuits!



Jeneba "Jay Jay " Ghatt |Creator Economy Educator

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